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Georgia Tech's Soft Matter Incubator hosted the Soft Matter Forefronts Symposium at Georgia Tech on April 18–20, 2018. The Soft Matter Forefronts symposium brough together distinguished speakers from around the globe and an international assortment of students, postdocs, and researchers to hear the latest research, results, and ideas on all areas of soft matter topics. The event encouraged all participants to socialize and stimulate new ideas and concepts in soft matter reasearch. The event program can be found here.

A list of the invited speakers and links to a video recording of their talk can be found below. All the video recordings from the symposium can be found here.

Randy Kamien — The topological character of smectics
Mark Bowick — Topology in polar flocking and active nematics
Arjun Yodh — Unusual director configurations and diffusion driven by liquid crystal elastic anisotropy
Illena Streinu — Geometric underpinnings of auxetic behavior
Martin van Hecke — Sequential Mechanical Metamaterials*
Xiaoming Mao — Fracturing of marginally stable structures: fiber networks and topological metamaterials
Dave Weitz — New results for old physics: critical phenomena for colloids in microgravity
Tim White — Performance derived from the directed self assembly of liquid crystal elastomers*
Omar Saleh — Self-assembled DNA liquids: properties and protein activation
Younan Xia — Symmetry breaking during the synthesis of nanoparticles
Ludovic Bertier — Ordered and disordered motion in dense active materials
Sid Nagel — Exploiting disorder
Paul Goldbart — Some universal features of soft random solids
Olivier Dauchot — Granular glasses: a real space insight into relaxation processes in glasses**
Françoise Brochard-Wyart — Hybrid active matter: when particles and living cells play together*
Paul Chaikin — Quantifying hidden order out of equilibrium
* no video recording availible
** speaker unable to attend

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