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The Fernandez-Nieves Group meetings take place on Fridays at 5:30pm in room N110 at the School of Physics, Joseph H. Howey building in GaTech. There are several types of meetings: regular group meetings, journal clubs, conference recaps, and occasionally, special group meetings from visitors. If you wish to attend any of these meetings, to give a talk or to present a paper at the journal club feel free to come or please contact mtennenbaum3 [at] gatech.edu

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  Date Speaker Title Talk type  
11/18/2009 Joaquim Clara Rahola Phase behavior of PNiPAM-PEG microgel suspensions
Group Meeting
10/28/2009 Benjamin Sierra Martin Phase Behavior of Ionic Microgel Suspensions: Effect of Particle Elasticity
Group Meeting
10/14/2009 Ekapop Pairam Toroidal Droplets: Moving Toward Micron Range
Group Meeting
09/30/2009 Venkat Gundabala Stationary viscosity-dominated electrified capillary jets
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 558, 143, 2006
Journal Club
09/16/2009 Juan Jose Lietor-Santos Phase behavior of microgel suspensions using Neutron Scattering and Hydrostatic Pressure
Group Meeting
09/02/2009 Joaquim Clara Rahola Are Thermoresponsive Microgels Model Systems for Concentrated Colloidal Suspensions? A Rheology and Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Study
Langmuir, 20, 7283-7292, 2004
Journal Club
08/20/2009 Teresa Lopez Leon The Threshold for the Hedgehog Ring Structural Transition in Nematic Drops in an Alternating Electric-Field
Zhurnal Eksperimentalnoi I Teoreticheskoi Fiziki,
101, 111-125, 1992
Journal Club
07/30/2009 Yesenia Laporte Agosto Unusual compressibility of pNIPAm/PEG microgel particles Using Dynamic Light Scattering SURE Internship Program presentation
07/23/2009 Benjamin Sierra Martin Rheology of sulfonated polystyrene solutions
Macromolecules, 31, 5746-5755, 1998
Journal Club
07/09/2009 Ekapop Pairam Surface-tension-driven breakup of viscoelastic liquid threads
Journal of non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics,
100, 9-26, 2001
Journal Club
07/02/2009 Sharan Devaiah Liquid crystals in confined geometries Group Meeting
06/11/2009 Juan Jose Lietor-Santos Crystallization kinetics of hard colloidal spheres
Physical Review E, 55, 3504-3067, 1997
Journal Club
05/28/2009 Joaquim Clara-Rahola Shear-induced dynamics of polydisperse jammed emulsion systems Group Meeting
05/13/2009 Cedric Blanchard Invisibility Cloak Invited Group Meeting
04/29/2009 Teresa Lopez Leon Liquid crystal shells: topological transformations induced by changes in the shell thickness Group Meeting
04/20/2009 Venkat Gundabala Applying electric fields to coflowing liquid streams in a microfluidic device Group Meeting
04/02/2009 Benjamin Sierra Martin Rheological properties of dense ionic microgel suspensions Group Meeting
03/26/2009 Ekapop Pairam Toroidal droplets & beyond Group Meeting
03/04/2009 Juan Jose Lietor Santos Microgels as model for soft particles: Light scattering study Group Meeting
02/18/2009 Alberto Fernandez-Nieves Soft Matter paper Journal Club
02/05/2009 Teresa Lopez Leon Two-dimensional ordering of inclusions in smectic C phase
Jetp Letters, 75, 482-486, 2002
Formation of two-dimensional crystal-like structures from inclusions in smectic C films
Jetp Letters, 76, 351-354, 2002
Topological defects in nematic droplets of hard spherocylinders
Physical Review E, 62, 5081-5091, 2000
Journal Club
01/21/2009 Benjamin Sierra Martin Rheological aging and rejuvenation in microgel pastes
Physical Review Letters, 85, 4819-4822, 2000
Glassy dynamics and flow properties of soft colloidal pastes
Physical Review Letters, 90, 068303, 2003
Journal Club
01/07/2009 Venkat Gundabala Experimental characterization of electrospinning: the electrically forced jet and instabilities
Polymer, 42, 09955-09967, 2001
Journal Club


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