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The Fernandez-Nieves Group meetings take place on Wednesdays at 7:05pm in room N110 at the School of Physics, Joseph H. Howey building in GaTech. There are several types of meetings, regular group meetings, journal clubs and eventually, special group meetings from visitors. If you wish to attend any of these meetings, to give a talk or to present a paper at the journal club feel free to come or please contact afragkopoulos [at] gmail.com

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  Date Speaker Title Talk type  
12/16/2016 Alexandros Fragkopoulos Comparison between Saffman-Taylor Stability Analysis and Charge-Induced Fingers in Toroidal Droplets. Group Meeting
12/02/2016 Perry Ellis Controlling active matter with liquid crystals. Journal Club
11/18/2016 Miguel Lobato Study of the type of emissions in microfluidic devices in electro co-flow configuration. Group Meeting
11/11/2016 Alexandros Fragkopoulos Electrohydrodynamic Instabilities of viscous drops. Journal Club
11/04/2016 Michael Tennenbaum New measures for characterizing nonlinear viscoelasticity in large amplitude oscillatory shear. Jounral Club
10/21/2016 Jonas Cuadrado Physical aging and structural recovery in a colloidal glass subjected to volume-fraction jump conditions. Journal Club
10/14/2016 Perry Ellis Nematic Liquid Crystal Bridges. Group Meeting
10/07/2016 Ya-Wen Chang Epithelial cell attachment and proliferation on hydrogels: quantifying densities and homogeneity. Group Meeting
09/30/2016 Alexandros Fragkopoulos ULC Microgels: Rheology, and 2D Simulations of Fibrin Constructs. Group Meeting
09/23/2016 Michael Tennenbaum Going non-Linear: Large amplitude oscillatory shear measurements with ants. Group Meeting
09/16/2016 Jonas Cuadrado Alternative approached to the glass transition. Group Meeting
09/09/2016 Caleb Anderson New Waves. Group Meeting
09/02/2016 Michelle Gaines Controlling the Binding Affinity of Highly Deformable Microgel Particles Adsorbed to an Interface (part 2). Group Meeting
08/26/2016 Alberto-Fernandez-Nieves Microgel Research Overview Group Meeting
08/17/2016 Michelle Gaines Controlling the Binding Affinity of Highly Deformable Microgel Particles Adsorbed to an Interface (part 1). Group Meeting
08/02/2016 Michael Tennenbaum Paper Addendum
08/02/2016 Jonas Cuadrado Microgels so far. Group Meeting
07/28/2016 Hannah, Christian, Nico Summer Research Recap. Group Meeting
07/27/2016 Josefa Guerrero Spraying modes in electro-coflow. Group Meeting
07/20/2016 Caleb Anderson Set-ups and behavior averaging. Group Meeting
07/17/2016 Perry Ellis Defect unbinding in active nematic toroids: surfaces, surfactants, and simulations, oh my. Group Meeting
07/14/2016 Alexandros Fragkopoulos Breakup of Tori in Viscoelastic Material, and Charge Induced Saffman-Taylor Instability. Paper Addendum
07/14/2016 Daniel Blatman Towards an automated production of tori (Part 2). Group Meeting
07/07/2016 Michael Tennenbaum Rheological time-sweeps. Group Meeting
07/06/2016 Daniel Blatman Towards an automated production of tori (Part 1). Group Meeting
07/05/2016 Ya-Wen Chang Epithelial proliferation on flat and curved hydrogels. Group Meeting
05/17/2016 Perry Ellis Active Nematics Update: watching for long times. Group Meeting
05/11/2016 Michale Dimitriyev Quench and Instability: phase separation and buckling of solvent-trapped hydrogel. Group Meeting
05/09/2016 Runa Koizumi Nematic toroids and Smectic toroids. Group Meeting
04/27/2016 Michale Tennenbaum A larger model for ants. Group Meeting
04/25/2016 Ya-Wen Chang Seeding cells on toroids and making toroidal seeds. Group Meeting
04/18/2016 Caleb Anderson Density and Waves. Group Meeting
04/13/2016 Michael Tennenbaum A model for ants. Group Meeting
04/11/2016 Alex, Winnie Conference Recap. APS Conference
04/06/2016 Daniel Blatman Toroidal droplets in yield stress materials. Group Meeting
04/04/2016 Perry, John Conference Recap. APS Conference
04/01/2016 Mike T., Perry, John Conference Recap APS Conference
03/30/2016 Jonas Cuadrado Limitation and performance of our rheometers MCR501 and 502. Group Meeting
03/09/2016 Mike T., Mike D., Winnie, Perry Practice Talks APS Conference
03/07/2016 Alex, Perry, John Practice Talks. APS Conference
03/04/2016 John Hyatt Escaping the Glass and Jamming Transition with Microgels. Group Meeting
02/28/2016 Alexandros Fragkopoulos Electrified fingers and cell proliferation on curved surfaces. Group Meeting
02/24/2016 Perry Ellis Topology, Curvature, and Active Nematics. Group Meeting
02/22/2016 Arjan Gelissen Deformability of soft particles. Group Meeting
02/19/2016 Runa Koizumi Looking at SSY tori. Group Meeting
02/15/2016 Daniel Blatman Exploring toroidal droplets. Group Meeting
01/28/2016 Michael Tennenbaum Phi errors and time-sweeps. Group Meeting
01/20/2016 Jonas Cuadrado Rheological properties of oil-in-water emulsions: the impact of lecithin on the interface. Group Meeting
01/15/2016 Ya-Wen Chang Research Overview. Group Meeting
01/13/2016 Caleb Anderson Thinking about waves. Group Meeting


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