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The Fernandez-Nieves Group meetings take place on Fridays at 5:30pm in room N110 at the School of Physics, Joseph H. Howey building in GaTech. There are several types of meetings: regular group meetings, journal clubs, conference recaps, and occasionally, special group meetings from visitors. If you wish to attend any of these meetings, to give a talk or to present a paper at the journal club feel free to come or please contact mtennenbaum3 [at] gatech.edu

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  Date Speaker Title Talk type  
12/16/2016 Alexandros Fragkopoulos Comparison between Saffman-Taylor Stability Analysis and Charge-Induced Fingers in Toroidal Droplets. Group Meeting
12/02/2016 Perry Ellis Controlling active matter with liquid crystals. Journal Club
11/18/2016 Miguel Lobato Study of the type of emissions in microfluidic devices in electro co-flow configuration. Group Meeting
11/11/2016 Alexandros Fragkopoulos Electrohydrodynamic Instabilities of viscous drops. Journal Club
11/04/2016 Michael Tennenbaum New measures for characterizing nonlinear viscoelasticity in large amplitude oscillatory shear. Jounral Club
10/21/2016 Jonas Cuadrado Physical aging and structural recovery in a colloidal glass subjected to volume-fraction jump conditions. Journal Club
10/14/2016 Perry Ellis Nematic Liquid Crystal Bridges. Group Meeting
10/07/2016 Ya-Wen Chang Epithelial cell attachment and proliferation on hydrogels: quantifying densities and homogeneity. Group Meeting
09/30/2016 Alexandros Fragkopoulos ULC Microgels: Rheology, and 2D Simulations of Fibrin Constructs. Group Meeting
09/23/2016 Michael Tennenbaum Going non-Linear: Large amplitude oscillatory shear measurements with ants. Group Meeting
09/16/2016 Jonas Cuadrado Alternative approached to the glass transition. Group Meeting
09/09/2016 Caleb Anderson New Waves. Group Meeting
09/02/2016 Michelle Gaines Controlling the Binding Affinity of Highly Deformable Microgel Particles Adsorbed to an Interface (part 2). Group Meeting
08/26/2016 Alberto-Fernandez-Nieves Microgel Research Overview Group Meeting
08/17/2016 Michelle Gaines Controlling the Binding Affinity of Highly Deformable Microgel Particles Adsorbed to an Interface (part 1). Group Meeting
08/02/2016 Michael Tennenbaum Paper Addendum
08/02/2016 Jonas Cuadrado Microgels so far. Group Meeting
07/28/2016 Hannah, Christian, Nico Summer Research Recap. Group Meeting
07/27/2016 Josefa Guerrero Spraying modes in electro-coflow. Group Meeting
07/20/2016 Caleb Anderson Set-ups and behavior averaging. Group Meeting
07/17/2016 Perry Ellis Defect unbinding in active nematic toroids: surfaces, surfactants, and simulations, oh my. Group Meeting
07/14/2016 Alexandros Fragkopoulos Breakup of Tori in Viscoelastic Material, and Charge Induced Saffman-Taylor Instability. Paper Addendum
07/14/2016 Daniel Blatman Towards an automated production of tori (Part 2). Group Meeting
07/07/2016 Michael Tennenbaum Rheological time-sweeps. Group Meeting
07/06/2016 Daniel Blatman Towards an automated production of tori (Part 1). Group Meeting
07/05/2016 Ya-Wen Chang Epithelial proliferation on flat and curved hydrogels. Group Meeting
05/17/2016 Perry Ellis Active Nematics Update: watching for long times. Group Meeting
05/11/2016 Michale Dimitriyev Quench and Instability: phase separation and buckling of solvent-trapped hydrogel. Group Meeting
05/09/2016 Runa Koizumi Nematic toroids and Smectic toroids. Group Meeting
04/27/2016 Michale Tennenbaum A larger model for ants. Group Meeting
04/25/2016 Ya-Wen Chang Seeding cells on toroids and making toroidal seeds. Group Meeting
04/18/2016 Caleb Anderson Density and Waves. Group Meeting
04/13/2016 Michael Tennenbaum A model for ants. Group Meeting
04/11/2016 Alex, Winnie Conference Recap. APS Conference
04/06/2016 Daniel Blatman Toroidal droplets in yield stress materials. Group Meeting
04/04/2016 Perry, John Conference Recap. APS Conference
04/01/2016 Mike T., Perry, John Conference Recap APS Conference
03/30/2016 Jonas Cuadrado Limitation and performance of our rheometers MCR501 and 502. Group Meeting
03/09/2016 Mike T., Mike D., Winnie, Perry Practice Talks APS Conference
03/07/2016 Alex, Perry, John Practice Talks. APS Conference
03/04/2016 John Hyatt Escaping the Glass and Jamming Transition with Microgels. Group Meeting
02/28/2016 Alexandros Fragkopoulos Electrified fingers and cell proliferation on curved surfaces. Group Meeting
02/24/2016 Perry Ellis Topology, Curvature, and Active Nematics. Group Meeting
02/22/2016 Arjan Gelissen Deformability of soft particles. Group Meeting
02/19/2016 Runa Koizumi Looking at SSY tori. Group Meeting
02/15/2016 Daniel Blatman Exploring toroidal droplets. Group Meeting
01/28/2016 Michael Tennenbaum Phi errors and time-sweeps. Group Meeting
01/20/2016 Jonas Cuadrado Rheological properties of oil-in-water emulsions: the impact of lecithin on the interface. Group Meeting
01/15/2016 Ya-Wen Chang Research Overview. Group Meeting
01/13/2016 Caleb Anderson Thinking about waves. Group Meeting


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