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The Fernandez-Nieves Group meetings take place on Fridays at 5:30pm in room N110 at the School of Physics, Joseph H. Howey building in GaTech. There are several types of meetings: regular group meetings, journal clubs, conference recaps, and occasionally, special group meetings from visitors. If you wish to attend any of these meetings, to give a talk or to present a paper at the journal club feel free to come or please contact mtennenbaum3 [at] gatech.edu

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  Date Speaker Title Talk type  
12/19/2012 Karthik Nayani Polarized Raman Spectroscopy and Differential Dynamic Microscopy of Nematics Group Meeting
12/12/2012 John Hyatt The Role of Softness in the Rheology of Concentrated Microgel Suspension Group Meeting
12/05/2012 Ekapop Pairam PIV-Analysis of Collapsing Toroidal Droplets Group Meeting
11/28/2012 Ekapop Pairam APS summary Conference Summary
11/28/2012 Josefa Guerrero APS summary Conference Summary
11/14/2012 Alexandros Fragkopoulos Electrically Charged Toroidal Droplets Group Meeting
11/07/2012 Perry Ellis Exploring emulsion science with microfluidics Journal Club
10/24/2012 Ya-Wen Chang Colloidal Discotic Liquid Crystals Group Meeting
10/11/2012 Kevin Mohan A Research Update Group Meeting
10/03/2012 Josefa Guerrero The Pendant Drop Method for Measuring Interfacial Tension Group Meeting
09/27/2012 Jayalakshmi Vallamkondu Laser trapping in anisotropic fluids and polarization-controlled particle dynamics Journal Club
09/12/2012 Miguel Pelaez Evidence for a liquid-solid critical point in a simple monatomic system Journal Club
08/29/2012 Josefa Guerrero Slender body theory for the generation of micron sized emulsions through tip streaming Journal Club
08/22/2012 John Hyatt Strain-Rate Frequency Superposition: A Rheological Probe of Structural Relaxation in Soft Materials Journal Club
07/17/2012 Andrea Scotti Overview of the first year of PhD research Group Meeting
07/11/2012 Javier Rivero Numerical approach to whipping instabilities in pipes and jets Group Meeting
07/05/2012 Andrea Scotti A V-curve criterion for the parameter optimization of the Tikhonov regularization inversion algorithm for particle sizing
Optics&Laser Technology, 44 (2012) 1-5
Journal Club
06/20/2012 Ekapop Pairam Liquid crystal beads constrained on thin cellulosic fibers: electric field induced microrotors and N-I transition Journal Club
05/29/2012 Alexandros Fragkopoulos Yielding and structural relaxation in soft materials: Evaluation of strain-rate frequency superposition data by the stress decomposition method
Physical Review Letters E 84, 051502 (2011)
Journal Club
05/17/2012 Multiple speakers Sound bites training for the 6th South-East workshop on Soft Materials Group Meeting
05/02/2012 Josefa Guerrero Whipping in electrified jets Group Meeting
04/17/2012 Jayalakshmi Vallamkondu Stable handled-droplets of Nematic Liquid Crystal Group Meeting
04/11/2012 Miguel Pelaez Structure and dynamics of charged colloid-polymer mixtures (part III) Group Meeting
04/04/2012 Miguel Pelaez Structure and dynamics of charged colloid-polymer mixtures (part II) Group Meeting
03/27/2012 Miguel Pelaez Structure and dynamics of charged colloid-polymer mixtures (part I) Group Meeting
03/14/2012 John Hyatt APS summary Conference Summary
03/14/2012 Ekapop Pairam APS summary Conference Summary
03/07/2012 Kevin Mohan Experimental methods to analyze interfacial tension using the pendant drop method Group Meeting
02/24/2012 Ekapop Pairam Nematic order in toroidal and higher-genus droplet APS Talk
02/24/2012 John Hyatt Soft microgel interpenetration in overpacked conditions: neutron scattering and rehology APS Talk
02/08/2012 Andrea Scotti Analysis method in dynamic light scattering for determine polysispersity Group Meeting
1/24/2012 John Hyatt Research talk Group Meeting
01/11/2012 Ekapop Pairam Toroidal liquid crystal droplets Group Meeting


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