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The Fernandez-Nieves Group meetings take place on Wednesdays at 7:05pm in room N110 at the School of Physics, Joseph H. Howey building in GaTech. There are several types of meetings, regular group meetings, journal clubs and eventually, special group meetings from visitors. If you wish to attend any of these meetings, to give a talk or to present a paper at the journal club feel free to come or please contact afragkopoulos [at] gmail.com

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  Date Speaker Title Talk type  
12/19/2012 Karthik Nayani Polarized Raman Spectroscopy and Differential Dynamic Microscopy of Nematics Group Meeting
12/12/2012 John Hyatt The Role of Softness in the Rheology of Concentrated Microgel Suspension Group Meeting
12/05/2012 Ekapop Pairam PIV-Analysis of Collapsing Toroidal Droplets Group Meeting
11/28/2012 Ekapop Pairam APS summary Conference Summary
11/28/2012 Josefa Guerrero APS summary Conference Summary
11/14/2012 Alexandros Fragkopoulos Electrically Charged Toroidal Droplets Group Meeting
11/07/2012 Perry Ellis Exploring emulsion science with microfluidics Journal Club
10/24/2012 Ya-Wen Chang Colloidal Discotic Liquid Crystals Group Meeting
10/11/2012 Kevin Mohan A Research Update Group Meeting
10/03/2012 Josefa Guerrero The Pendant Drop Method for Measuring Interfacial Tension Group Meeting
09/27/2012 Jayalakshmi Vallamkondu Laser trapping in anisotropic fluids and polarization-controlled particle dynamics Journal Club
09/12/2012 Miguel Pelaez Evidence for a liquid-solid critical point in a simple monatomic system Journal Club
08/29/2012 Josefa Guerrero Slender body theory for the generation of micron sized emulsions through tip streaming Journal Club
08/22/2012 John Hyatt Strain-Rate Frequency Superposition: A Rheological Probe of Structural Relaxation in Soft Materials Journal Club
07/17/2012 Andrea Scotti Overview of the first year of PhD research Group Meeting
07/11/2012 Javier Rivero Numerical approach to whipping instabilities in pipes and jets Group Meeting
07/05/2012 Andrea Scotti A V-curve criterion for the parameter optimization of the Tikhonov regularization inversion algorithm for particle sizing
Optics&Laser Technology, 44 (2012) 1-5
Journal Club
06/20/2012 Ekapop Pairam Liquid crystal beads constrained on thin cellulosic fibers: electric field induced microrotors and N-I transition Journal Club
05/29/2012 Alexandros Fragkopoulos Yielding and structural relaxation in soft materials: Evaluation of strain-rate frequency superposition data by the stress decomposition method
Physical Review Letters E 84, 051502 (2011)
Journal Club
05/17/2012 Multiple speakers Sound bites training for the 6th South-East workshop on Soft Materials Group Meeting
05/02/2012 Josefa Guerrero Whipping in electrified jets Group Meeting
04/17/2012 Jayalakshmi Vallamkondu Stable handled-droplets of Nematic Liquid Crystal Group Meeting
04/11/2012 Miguel Pelaez Structure and dynamics of charged colloid-polymer mixtures (part III) Group Meeting
04/04/2012 Miguel Pelaez Structure and dynamics of charged colloid-polymer mixtures (part II) Group Meeting
03/27/2012 Miguel Pelaez Structure and dynamics of charged colloid-polymer mixtures (part I) Group Meeting
03/14/2012 John Hyatt APS summary Conference Summary
03/14/2012 Ekapop Pairam APS summary Conference Summary
03/07/2012 Kevin Mohan Experimental methods to analyze interfacial tension using the pendant drop method Group Meeting
02/24/2012 Ekapop Pairam Nematic order in toroidal and higher-genus droplet APS Talk
02/24/2012 John Hyatt Soft microgel interpenetration in overpacked conditions: neutron scattering and rehology APS Talk
02/08/2012 Andrea Scotti Analysis method in dynamic light scattering for determine polysispersity Group Meeting
1/24/2012 John Hyatt Research talk Group Meeting
01/11/2012 Ekapop Pairam Toroidal liquid crystal droplets Group Meeting


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