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The Fernandez-Nieves Group meetings take place on Wednesdays at 6pm in room N110 at the School of Physics, Joseph H. Howey building in GaTech. There are several types of meetings: regular group meetings, journal clubs, confrenece recaps, and ocasionally, special group meetings from visitors. If you wish to attend any of these meetings, to give a talk or to present a paper at the journal club feel free to come or please contact mtennenbaum3 [at] gatech.edu

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  Date Speaker Title Talk type  
12/15/2017 Caleb Anderson Group Meeting
12/08/2017 Perry Ellis Group Meeting
12/01/2017 Jonas Cuadrado Phase separation in colloidal hydrogels: connecting theory and experiments Group Meeting
11/20/2017 Sam Burtwistle Twist Angle Measurements in Liquid Crystal Lines and Toroids Group Meeting
11/10/2017 Michael Tennenbaum Ants LAOS and cell proliferation updates Group Meeting
11/03/2017 Caleb Anderson Measuring time fluctuations Group Meeting
10/30/2017 Jonas Cuadrado Phase separation in ULC microgels Group Meeting
10/13/2017 Boyang Zhou Studying of PH dependence of Microgel size under certain temperature Group Meeting
10/06/2017 Jonas Cuadrado Microgels at high packing fraction: microphase separation and approach to the glass, Part II Group Meeting
09/29/2017 Jonas Cuadrado Microgels at high packing fraction: microphase separation and approach to the glass Group Meeting
09/22/2017 Alberto Seminar
09/08/2017 Caleb Anderson Ant State Function Analysis Group Meeting
08/30/2017 Perry Ellis Defect creation/annihilation rates in active nematic torroids Group Meeting
08/23/2017 Sam Burtwistle Twist Angle vs. Temperature Measurement in Liquid Crystal Toroids Group Meeting
08/16/2017 Boyang Zhou Salt effects over the ionized microgel Group Meeting
08/09/2017 Mike Tennenbaum LAOS timesweeps and cell proliferation Group Meeting
08/02/2017 Jonas Cuadrado Structure and dynamics of PNIPAM-PEG-AAC microgel suspensions Group Meeting
08/01/2017 Aaron Aizenman Nematic Toroids and Temperature Group Meeting
07/27/2017 Christina Ibanez, Devontae Baxter, Julio Urquidi Summer Undergraduate Research Presentations Group Meeting
07/05/2017 Caleb Anderson More Tracking Group Meeting
06/28/2017 Perry Ellis Active defect orientations and bipolar-to-radial transitions in 5CB emulsions Group Meeting
06/21/2017 Michael Tennenbaum Large amplitude oscillatory rheology of ants plus cell update Group Meeting
06/14/2017 Jonas Cuadrado Statistical theory of weakly charged electrolytes Journal Club
05/17/2017 Daniel Blatman Recent research on toroidal droplets Group Meeting
05/09/2017 Perry Ellis and Soundbite practice Defect density and orientation in active nematics on a toroid Group Meeting
05/03/2017 Michelle Gaines Quantifying Local Cell Density After Cell Incubate for 2 Hours on Tori and Flat Gels Using Image Analysis Group Meeting
04/26/2017 Caleb Anderson Detailed wave measurements Group Meeting
04/19/2017 Alexandros Fragkopoulos Toroidal Instabilities in the Presence of Charge and non-Newtonian Fluids Thesis Practice
04/12/2017 Michael Dimitriyev Large deflections of a hydrogel rod caused by internal phase separation. Group Meeting
04/05/2017 Michael Tennenbaum and Michelle Gaines APS 2017 Conference Recap
03/29/2017 Perry Ellis and Alexandros Fragkopoulos APS 2017 Conference Recap
03/21/2017 Alexandros Fragkopoulos Measuring Oxygen in Biological Systems Group Meeting
03/06/2017 Perry Ellis Planar curvature, edge charge, and defect orientation. Group Meeting
03/01/2017 Michael Tennenbaum Non-Linear Rheology of ants: Lots of Lissajous curves. Group Meeting
02/22/2017 Caleb Anderson Forced Waves and Ant Tracking. Group Meeting
02/15/2017 Daniel Blatman Small angle X-ray scattering for studying particle deswelling induced by counterions in concentrated pNIPAM microgel suspensions. Group Meeting
01/31/2017 Jonas Cuadrado Decoupling of structure and dynamics in soft particles caused by osmotic deswelling. Group Meeting
01/25/2017 Michelle Gaines Epithelial Cell Behavior on 3D Hydrogels (part 2). Group Meeting
01/18/2017 Shengnan Huang Oseen-Frank theory of defects in nematics. Group Meeting
01/13/2017 Michelle Gaines Epithelial Cell Behavior on 3D Hydrogels (part 1). Group Meeting


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