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The Fernandez-Nieves Group meetings take place on Tuesdays at noon in room N110 at the School of Physics, Joseph H. Howey building in GaTech. There are several types of meetings: regular group meetings, journal clubs, conference recaps, and occasionally, special group meetings from visitors. If you wish to attend any of these meetings, to give a talk or to present a paper at the journal club feel free to come or please contact mtennenbaum3 [at] gatech.edu

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  Date Speaker Title Talk type  
02/19/2019 Jyothishraj Nambisan Group Meeting
02/12/2018 Michael Tennenbaum Emulsions and the meaning of a negative modulus Group Meeting
01/29/2019 Caleb Anderson Polymers in an Active Bath Group Meeting
01/22/2018 Boynag Zhou Penetrating microion background correction on Rescaled-MSA Group Meeting
01/09/2019 Jyothishraj Nambisan Orientational order in Active Nematics: A Summary Group Meeting


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